Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Animatic Storyboard

Me and Amy stayed longer to finish the animatic storyboard. There were loads of things that we didn't know how to do, so this workshop helped us learn new things in final cut pro. For example when we were adding titles in final cut pro, we didn't know if we could move the titles into a different position on the screen and if we could do it how we would.

Mary (the teacher) helped us and showed us how to do it so that we could do it ourselves. it took a long time but we finished, and we exported it and converted it into mp 4 format,then we realised that we have some preliminary sounds and we could put one on the animatic, so we went back and put the music in and had to do the process all over again. but i really like the animatic, its a bit long but that not how our real one is going to be because it's only allowed to be 2 Mins maximum. Here it is, i hope you enjoy it! :D

Here is the animatic with no sound:

And this is the animatic with sound:

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