Thursday, 24 February 2011


» As soon as I saw the trailer for 'The Black Swan' I said that I really wanted to go and watch it, so during the half term I went to the cinema to watch it.

 -The trailer;

» The Back Swan, starring Natalie Portman (Nina), another example of a pyschological thriller about a girl, Nina Sayers, who is a ballet dancer desperate fro the lead role, the Swan Queen, the play 'Swan Lake'.  But she has competion with the arrival of a new dancer, Lily, so the director decides to give Nina the part of the delicate white swan and Lily the part of the evil black swan. All starts of well for Nina, but soon the stress of her role kicks in and leads her to losing her senses, she becomes obsessive like her mother, a former ballet dancer and wants everything to be perfect. She starts off as the delicate white swan and gradually loses her mind, realising the things that are unreal, becoming more like the evil black swan.

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