Saturday, 12 February 2011

Would Slow Motion Work in Thriller Films?

I was on Youtube and came accross an Ad about Pedigree dogs. I watched it and it made me laugh as it was in veryyyy slow motion and I was thinking to myself; Would this be a good technique to use when creating my own thriller film? Then I thought to myself that slow motion can build up suspense in some ways depending on the way that you use it. Below is the clip that I am talking about....

Wow! This add was it was shot at a rate of 1,000 frames per second. As you can see, the ad is in real slow motion. We can see every single movement in detail as the dogs jump and up nd down and their facial expressions and so on. This is not exactly 'thrilling' as its about dogs, but think about how it may look if that slow motion was transferred into a thriller film (maybe not that slow but a bit more faster!)... it may build up suspense and may be effective!

I searched for something that would be more thrilling and the closest I found was a clip of a women being knocked down by a car in slow motion. Although we already know that the women will end up dead on the floor it still builds up suspense as we want to see how it happened...

As you can see this is more thrilling. Even though we know what is going to happen at the end (as we see the women dead on the floor) tension is still built up because of the slow motion and we get to see every detailed movment of the car and of how it hit the women. Seeing someone being hurt or abused in slow motion also makes it more disturbing and terrorfying to watch which may be a good technique to use if film makers want to create this effect for the audience (even though it may be quite off- putting!)

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