Monday, 14 February 2011


» When planning our films we had to write out a treatment which is basically a full detailed version of our plan.
The things we had to include were:
-What happens

The Treatment:
The location that we have chosen to use are the bedroom, bathroom, outside the house and in the kitchen. We have decided to use these locations because they are small and confined spaces, these locations help set the mood/atmosphere/genre of our film.

-What happens;
The story is about a girl who is mentally ill, she has an obsession with dolls and they control her life. Her favourite doll, Annabelle orders her to do bad things. Annabelle is jealous and envies the other dolls which are much prettier than her. Annabelle's existance is only in Amy's, the main characters imagination. Annabelle tells Amy to destroy the other dolls. Ethel, Amy's socical worker glimpses weird things from Amy's obsession.

The social worker visits, Amy opens the door and tells the social worker that she is fine. The social worker is concered and asks to use the toliet as a cover up to look around the house. Soon the social worker finds broken dollies scattered around in the bathroom, in the toilet and bath tub. She becomes even more concered and decideds to go into the bedroom and have a look around, she discovers a box under the bed with some more broken dolls, then turns around to see Amy standing there with scissors in one hand and a dolls head in the other.

name of film: Annabelle's Whisper

Non-diagetic, voice over of dolls - giggling, whispering...
Drones, suspensful music, drums, violins, gothic, bass, piano, depressing.

Doll costume
Make-up - lipstick..

After looking at a few openings to some thriller films, we have decided to to a narrative opening, where the titles are running thoughout the opening sequence, we chose to do a pyschological thriller, wtih the influeneces from 'Momento' and 'Seven'  as there are lots of close ups, which dosent reveal much to the veiwers, making it more mysterious and suspensful making the audiences want to watch the rest of the film.

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