Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I was looking around on Youtube for some thriller title sequences or trailers so that I could gain some sort of inspiration for when it comes to the planning of the making of our own title sequence (can't wait!). I particularly liked a trailer of a film called 'Never Alone'. Below is the clip....

Wasn't it thrilling?! I liked the use of the Mis- en- scene to create the mood and to foreshadow what might happen in the film. The close up of the knife with blood stains on it was really thrilling as we saw the blood drip from it and the camera stayed on the knife for about a good 3 seconds which indicated that the knife is a significant weapon in the film. The lighting and setting of the trailer was effective to as it was quite dark and dim which are good for setting a thriller- like atmosphere. The use of the camera was good too because it kept switching to make it more interesting. For example, at times the camera seemed to be hand-held whilst it followed the boy running which is good as it feels as though we are really running after him as the camera seems to be going up and down and side to side following his movements. Then at one point the camera seemed to be following the boy from behind him and even from a birds eye view which was very thrilling as it now looked like the boy was a victim being followed by someone. This immediately built up suspense as we could tell he was unaware of this. The sound that was used in the trailer was also good as it matched what was happening. The trailer was very sharp and quick paced as the boy was running and this matched the pace of the music, so thumbs up for the sound too!

I will definately use these techniques when creating my own title sequence. For example allowing the camera to watch over a particular item for about 2/3 seconds so that it indicates to the audience that it is significant. Using dimmer/darker lighting or filming in a dark area will also make the film more thrilling so I may consider doing this too. If I wanted to make a character look like a victim I may also use a birds-eye-view shot or make the camera follow them from behind to build up suspense.... Hope my groups' title sequence turns our very good and thrilling!!

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