Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Response to the Watching Documentry.

I think it was really intresting to see what openings work and what don't and how there are different ways of making an opening like you can have the ending in the begining. For example a car exploding would happen near the end but you could have it in the opening so that the audience will wonder WHY the car exploded. Which in media terms is called the trick of film noir.

In the documentry the people talked about how it is hard to keep the audience intrested becasue when you make a brilliant beginning you dont know how to make the rest of the movie match up to it. Director Jean Beinex said that the risks of instant arousal is that after a while the film becomes boring.

Stanley Kauffmann describes  a classic opening as having establishing shots and long shots so that the audience know what to expect from the movie.

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