Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fonts are very important when it comes to making the title sequence you want just the right font to fit the type of movie your making. It wouldn't make sense if you used comic sans on a horror movie it could lead to misconceptions about the film. The font we looked at in class was called PAPYRUS. Commonly used on things like......


But Papyrus font is not liked by everyone. Movie critics were said to be disappointed at the fact that James Cameron used Papyrus font because it has been used before and the critics were expecting something a little move different.
I can see why James may have used this font because to me the font papyrus seems like its tribal or ancient, scripted, carved into something like stone becasue if you look closely the font looks chipped. So i see how the font could relate to the movie, but of course not everyone is easy to please.

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