Saturday, 12 February 2011

Our 1st planning of our thriller film...

Todays lesson was really exciting as we started to plan our thriller film. We got into groups and we were given a big sheet to write down our plans for it. These are the main things we had to include;

- Title of our film
- Openings that have inspired us
- Opening structure in which we would follow (e.g. - narrative, descrete)
- Key props to be used
- The sub- genre of our thriller
- Intertextuality references
- Fonts and fonts effects to be used
- Locations
- Sound effects

Below is an image of the sheet that we made our plans on


The title of our film might be called Annabelle. We came up with the idea to do our story based on a psyocological thriller about a girl who is possessed by dolls. The dolls control her life and she wants best to be like a doll as she dresses up and tries to be like one!  She is actually mental (or some might say going crazy) as she thinks that one specific doll (Annabelle) speaks to her! All of this, though, is not true as dolls do not speak! Its all just in her imagination. Annabelle is an evil doll who tells her to go and destroy other dolls and so on... Her social worker comes in her house to check up on her and finds out that her mental illness is worsening as she finds a big box full of dolls in which she has destroyed and she also finds some in some strange places for example down the toilet, in the bathroom, in the bins and so on....... does it sound thrilling? HAHAHAHAA......

-The main locations we may use are a bedroom, a toilet, a school, a bathroom etc...

-We got our ideas (Intertexuality) from the film 'Memento' (I have blogged about this in one of my previous blogs)

- We may use a narrative opening (Inspired by the Stepfather)

- We may use a spooky-looking kind of font in 'hot' pink colour to represent the 'girliness' of dolls... They may fade in and fade out and may have a glowing effect to add suspense...

I took some images of myself and my group sitting together palnning our thriller film....

We also had to draw out a storyboard of all the main scenes that will come up in our film. Below are some pictures I have taken of the storyboard we drew (they may not be very clear though!)...

All the ideas that we have gathered today are only ideas, so we may change a lot of things or even slightly change the storyline. But I am glad we have come up with a good basic idea of what we want our film to be about.... now we just have to put all the work in and get filming!!

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